Pioneers in Data Integration

May 9, 2018


Pioneers in Data Integration

Situated Bartonville, Illinois, Network Harbor, Inc is an ambitious and creative company, dedicated to providing excellence in the cybersecurity sector for a number of years. We profile the company as we look to find out more about the ambition of the firm.

Network Harbor is the most comprehensive PSIM provider in the world. Ever since starting out, Network Harbor has had a mission of producing hardware and software security solutions based on the core principles of Security, Stability, and Simplicity.

Embedded in the company ethos is its values, and all team members work hard to adhere to these values. Working together, the team of enthusiastic professionals share the same common values of pride, dedication, and responsibility for all of its products and the customers it serves.

Alongside its executive management team and development staff, the company boasts over 20 years in security integration development, and it leverages this to offer clients the very highest standard of support and service at all times. This helps the company to deliver the best possible service to clients, something the team value very highly. Delivering exceptional customer service is important to the firm as Network Harbor is a member of AFCEA, and also a registered contractor, when required for Federal Government and DOD projects.

Throughout the company there is a vast amount of experience, stemming right from the top, and in 1993, the President/CEO and members of its development team established and provided the market’s first security systems integration platform; a product called Excalibur. By today’s standards, the product could be considered to be basic and limited, but at the time this was a ground-breaking product that introduced off-theshelf integration to the security industry. This revolutionary product was just the first sign of success that would see Network Harbor grow and become a major player in the cybersecurity market.

Operating in the cybersecurity industry, Network Harbor develops systems and solutions to solve the problems of customers around the world and in every aspect of the government, commercial, military, and educational spaces. With a comprehensive line of products covering video surveillance, audio networking and recording, network monitoring, personnel management, physical access system enrolment, as well as the world’s most powerful integration platform ‘LightHouse’ to tie all of these together with a large base of supported third-party systems, Network Harbor is the right answer for its clients’ security questions.

Essentially, Network Harbor has more integration experience than anyone within the industry. Amongst the team, staff all boast an impressive skillset in terms of knowing the business, the systems and all have long-standing relationships with many product manufacturers. Furthermore, the team possesses a long and proven track record of success in commercial, industrial, government, military, and energy security solutions.

Over the years, Network Harbor has established long-term technology partner relationships with almost all of the leading manufacturers in the security industry. Staff value these relationships with all of these firms and it has always been a goal of the company to provide the most robust integration and interoperability for its partners, and ultimately adding value and features to their products as well.

Company: Network Harbor, Inc.

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