Ongoing defence and security concerns across the globe call for the best in equipment, services and support. The complex nature of the military and all the areas it covers, from munitions to medicine, creates a huge industry with many working parts, and each part must work at peak efficiency to make sure that a country is defended in the best possible way by the best possible means.

The GDS Review Defence Awards 2017 have been established to highlight and celebrate those firms that provide the expertise required to keep countries safe. As with all our awards they are purely based upon merit. To ensure this, our in-house research team went go in-depth to find the industry firms and leaders who deserve acknowledgement for their outstanding performances within the sector. Winners of this award can be rest assured that their win was one that was truly deserved.

Winners Announced! Please See Below for the Full list of Winners and Check Out This Quarter's Issue to Find Out More About a Selection of Our Winners!!

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